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From Left: Jeff Edwards (AMLR NRM – Sustainable Agricultural Officer), Paul Erkelenz (FFF Secretary), Amy Williams (Williams Farm and FFF member), Peter Filsell (FFF President), Melissa Rebbeck (FFF Project Officer).

Fleurieu Forward Farming

Formed in late 2015, The Fleurieu Forward Farming Group consists of a steering committee containing members from the Parawa Agricultural Bureau Group, the Fleurieu Beef group, and farmers not currently part of a group.  We are concurently developing a formal structure and governance and likely to form a board and operations committee.  We will soon put a call out and invite other farmers and farm group representatives on the Fleurieu to become members of our board.  Board members will have input into the farming issues, research, development and extension for the region.  If you are interested please leave your details and comments on our contacts page. 

We currently have funding from the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board, via the National Landcare Programme, and also the Alexandrian council to conduct a range of soil health projects and extension as listed under our projects tab.

We intend to conduct 4- 5 farmer demonstration days per year with farmers from the above groups and others outside of groups.

We currently cover the Fleurieu region as shown in the map and would like to expand our region to cover the Mallee and Coorong.

We are seeking further funding from organisations to conduct research, demonstration and communication projects that will improve the productivity, profitability and sustainability for its members and associates.

For more information or to become a part of this venture please leave your details on our contacts page.


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