About Us


Who are we?
The Fleurieu Forward Farming steering committee was formed in April 2016, as a cooperative venture between the Parawa Agricultural Bureau and the Fleurieu Beef Group, also involving local independent agribusiness consultants, to provide oversight for projects looking at soil fertility and health issues that affect pasture and thus grazing enterprise productivity, in the western Fleurieu Peninsula sub-region of SA.


From Left: Jeff Edwards (AMLR NRM – Sustainable Agricultural Officer), Paul Erkelenz (FFF Secretary), Amy Williams (Williams Farm and FFF member), Peter Filsell (FFF President), Melissa Rebbeck (FFF Project Officer).

Projects have included literature reviews, field trials, field days, case study trial sites, soil moisture probes and workshops. Current and past projects can be viewed under our projects tab and include:
• A review of past soil research carried out on the Fleurieu Peninsula
• Biochar trials
• pH and EM mapping demonstrations
• Soil health case studies under conventional and alternative farming systems
• Soil health replicated trials

What is the purpose of the Fleurieu Forward Farming Group?
The Fleurieu Forward Farming Group is in the business of:
• Defining farming system issues and opportunities of a strategic nature on the Fleurieu Peninsula
• Defining ways to overcome strategic issues and capitalise on the strategic opportunities
• Linking, collaborating and communicating between existing and new groups, and individuals across the region
• Creating opportunities for learning, debating, exploring and researching innovations, specific issues, new business models and projects
• Attracting resources, including research funds, scholarships and PhD’s, for the benefit of the region
• Building a structure and support to enable the management of projects on behalf of smaller groups, for the benefit of the region
• Building confidence that results in practice change and adoption of technology

The New Board
Based on its progress to date and the experience of other farming systems groups in SA (e.g. the Barossa Improved Grazing Group (BIGG), the MacKillop Farm Management Group etc.), the Fleurieu Forward Farming steering committee felt that it was timely to consider development of an expanded, ongoing group, with a more defined purpose and structure.  We have recently undertaken a strategic planning process, during which we  identified our preferred structure and governance arrangements.


A new motivated, appropriately skilled governing Board has now been appointed to drive the group forward to its next stage of development.  Watch this space for announcement of board and contact details. In the mean time you can contact the board via the contacts page.

What will the Board Do?
The proposed Terms of Reference for the Board are to:
• Define and continuously review whole of region farming systems research, development
and extension opportunities, that benefit landholders on the Fleurieu Peninsula
• Invigorate and add value to existing landholder groups that operate on the Fleurieu Peninsula
• Screen, prioritise and approve project ideas
• Be aware of funding opportunities and timeframes
• Ensure effective communication of project outcomes
• Provide effective governance for Fleurieu Forward Farming, including oversight of the FFF Operations Group


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